September 15, 2016

About Us

Company Profile

Manufacturer of quality Greenhouses in Pakistan since 2000.

Saleem Enterprises specializes In quality greenhouses offering the broadest possible spectrum of

models and functionality. from manufacturing to Installation

We are the distributor of the finest available equipment for

  • Commercial Horicultural Growers
  • Agricultural Growers
  • Retail Nurseries
  • Research and Education Facilities

CEO Message

Today customers’ demand for safety in nutrition. It is no secret that the reliability to deliver is also

increasing. Given this paradigm .we took the opportunity to develop the management principle

“Naturalness in foods. wellness and hospitality in sewices.”With this theme in mind.we continue

and provide highest standards of service and manufactured quality greenhouses in the industry.

Greenhouse has taken an advance phase in our histOry. Company’s business development is

becoming more active both domestically and internationally to live up to your expectations. we will

continue expanding our capacity to deliver and provide excellent customer service.

CEO – Saleem Enterprise


Our Roadmap starts with our mission,which is producing and providing the highest standards in

greenhouses and related accessories in the industry. Our values are based on our ethos of setting

high principles of quality both for products and sewicesThis declares our purpose as an organization

and serves as the standard against which we weigh ow service

  • To provide quality products and services
  • To inspire our customers to optimize their growth
  • To create value make our land greener