Chinese Solar Green House

Structure material galvanized steel,Solar greenhouse for vegetable lower market,luxury flower planting, seed nursery,Intellectual control system keeps suitable humidity, temperature,steady high light transmission and good ventilation,Good warm-keeping & remarkable energy-saving function.Covering material plastic film (single layer and double-layer) & PC sheet.Rolling method electronic rolling/ manual rolling.


Size,22 Ft wide x 100 Ft or 150 Ft long x 3 Ft height front wall  & 11 Ft back wall


Chinese Solar greenhouse covered with transparent UV polythene sheet.


Main structure galvanized elliptical hallow section, side walls & back wall brick work.


An insulating sheet is rolled up and stored on top of the solar greenhouse during the day, then rolled over the plastic at night. Sheet are sometimes made of rice straw mats or cotton.


Chinese Solar Greenhouse back side gear motor for rolling the top insulating sheet.water tank for irrigation system.


Chinese Solar Greenhouse in side drip irrigation & lightning system.


Student visit the Chinese Solar Greenhouse.


Chinese Solar Greenhouse back wall made with mud for absorb sun heat.


Chinese Solar Greenhouse in side crops & on the top ventilation system.

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