Glass Greenhouse

Standard Size, 22 Ft Wide x 54 Ft Long x 15 Ft Height ( 7 Ft- 6 inch side wall)


Glass Greenhouse main structure consists of mild steel square hollow section by welding.covered with clear glass of single or double layer in side the Glass Greenhouse equipped with mist sprinkler heating and cooling system with movable trolley table tray & rack system with fully automatic & manual controlled system.Structure can be designed according to customer requirements. These products are widely used in agriculture research institutes.

Glass greenhouse covered with 8mm clear glass for top.For front back & side walls are mostly used 5mm clear glass in  single layer. Double layer of 3mm or 5mm clear glass can be used for front back & side walls on the costumer requirements.


On front side entrance cabin and exhaust fan on the top.


Back side sliding door & exhaust fan on the top.


In side Glass greenhouse movable trolley system.On one side exhaust fans with mist system on the top.


In side Glass Greenhouse green net rolling system & centre partition. We can make partition in centre of the glass greenhouse on the basics of customer requirements.


Cooling pads on one side of glass greenhouse  & ventilators system on both sides.


Lighting system inside the glass greenhouse  with electric blower heater for heating purpose.we can also use thermal heating system.


Uses air-conditioners in some of partition area for low temperature. Wet pads mostly use for normal cooling.


Electric control panel with automatic & manual operate system.


Water pump used for mist system cooling pads & top showering on glass.


Glass greenhouse main structure under process of painting.


Temperature controlled Glass greenhouse attach with lab room,covered with 8 mm clear glass on top. Front, back and side walls covered with 5 mm clear glass in double layer, with mist system and movable trolley system.


Glass greenhouse back with lab rooms.


Glass Greenhouse(Small) main structure mild steel square hollow section by  welding without temperature control top side covered with 8mm clear glass & front back side walls 5mm in single layer inside mist & green net rolling system.

Size,12 Ft wide x 24 Ft long x 12 Ft height(7 Ft side wall)



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